Coach Mark Green
Martial Arts Teacher (25 years)
Personal Trainer cert4  
High Performance Conditioner
Mark Green combines a lifetime of martial arts learning in the warrior arts of Indonesian Pentjak Silat , Filipino boxing (family system) and Internal Kung fu. To this he has added the science and physiological knowledge of a Personal Trainer cer4 and Sports conditioner. He is sought out by high profile teams and individuals so that they can learn the Mark Green movement, power technique and incorporate it into their particular arena.

Mark Green has developed specialised conditioning systems for Australian and international champion performers, including The Manly Sea Eagles, The Canterbury Bulldogs, Melbourne Rebels, NSW Warratahs and many more.


Mark's training enables the practitioner to engage their body with a higher speed, energy, power and endurance than previously possible.

What people say......

Mark’s unparalleled energy, power and skill are so inspiring to watch - Chris C.  NSW Fire Brigrade
Mark just cuts through the politics and hype and delivers solid skills - Hugh G.  Military
Mark has developed a deep intuitive understanding of the human body and mind, his insights amaze me - Arnon M
Silat Boxing is a no-nonsense style, giving you nothing but the good stuff - Paul H.  Doorman
The most riveting  and dynamic martial art I have ever trained. Highly recommended - Kim F.  Pro StuntMan

"Elite teams, athletes and trainers who have sought Marks services and knowledge​​"

Training NSW Waratahs Premiership winning side

Training NRL Manly Sea Eagles Premiership winning side

Ido Portal, Conor McGregors movement Coach
World Champion kick boxer & professional fighter David Radeff
NRL Canterbury Bulldogs Rugby League team
Melbourne Rebels Super 15s Rugby Union team