Silat Boxing combines devastating power with dynamic footwork and rapid-strikes. It enables the practitioner to engage their body with a higher speed, energy, power and endurance than previously possible.

Violence begins with an attack on the mind, which in turn triggers emotional responses. How we deal with these emotions is detrimental to our survival in a life and death situation. Being in control of the bodies natural effects perhaps is the most underappreciated ability you could have in a dangerous situation. The effects of fear and its emotional responses  can greatly exceed our ability to handle them. Training to control this natural fear response, and even better, to work with it, is the key to a successful self-defence training system.
Reach a depth of physical mastery, where non-preconceived yet devastatingly effective techniques will flow spontaneously in any given situation

The continuous opening and closing, or the change from offensive to defensive in an instant brings the students physical and mental functions into full play 

​Explosive unleashing of inner power, achieving greater speed and force in fighting techniques. Internal energy awareness -ever evolving, life changing and once instilled remains permanent.